The  Jenna Caley Pilates experience allows you to fortify and strengthen your body by lengthening, toning and rehabilitating the muscles.

Jenna’s mission is to help you become the strongest version of yourself.

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Pilates with Jenna is a highlight of my day. The class is fluid, calming and challenging.

What makes Jenna's classes different to others, is the exercises never add shock to the body.

You clearly see the progression in yourself from one class to the next.


Jenna is a superb Pilates teacher, so clear and precise in her instructions, it’s always a pleasure! Either as a morning class to set me up for the day or a late afternoon class to get me back centred, I couldn’t recommend her classes higher! Suitable for all stages as Jenna always provides adaptations.


Such an awesome class catered for all levels! Even through a screen, there is such a positive energy;

a session I would highly recommend for anyone looking to engage their muscles and feel the burn while still maintaining a smile on their face by the end :)


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